New Requirements

In our modern world constant learning is the key to success in personal and business life. The digital workplace of the future will require not only specialised knowledge but interdisciplinary competencies that connect used-to-be independent areas. It is a critical fact that companies expect such competencies as “there is” without any educational program covering those areas: I.e. how to work effectively with digital tools or the knowledge to present a topic in a convincing way.

Master the Basics

To create this knowledge and to unlock the hidden potential, I teach the basics, reveal tangible tips and tricks and combine this method with real world scenarios. The goal is to develop a set of skills that can be adapted to unexpected situations, independent of the context.


  • Qualification program for product sales /- consulting (3 stages)
  • Time- and task management coaching
  • Flash-/SSD-Technology - The basics
  • Storage technology basics
  • Seminar: Tackle the e-mail flood!...learn more
  • Seminar: Present to convince! ...learn more

Seminar: Tackle the e-mail flood!

E-mail Remains Essential

Besides real-time communication tools like WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook, e-mail remains the most important digital communication tool in business. But the digital age, decentralized workplaces and the “always-on” expectations lead to e-mail communication being more curse than gift. Perhaps you know such situations: Hundreds of mails piling up in the inbox, permanent notification of new messages and an overloaded filing system make e-mail the time- and productivity-killer No 1. The fact that no one has been teached how to use this tool accordingly is adding to the mess.

Big Wave Surfing

Get Yourself 5 Days Back - At Least!*

In the beginning the seminar “Tackle the e-mail flood!” is all about the pillars of effective, digital communication. Group exercises and real-world examples help to understand the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. *) Calculation is based on a minimum of 20% reduction on messages with 20 e-mails per day (send and receive) and an average lead time of 3 minutes.

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4 ever.

Seminar: Present to Convince!

An Inconvenient Truth

Looking at the daily business grind, presentations are omnipresent and it’s just natural to have the ability to present. But the inconvenient truth is that presentations evolved into click- and read-sessions that consume too much time without providing real value.

Feedback & Self-Reflection

The seminar “Present to Convince” will help you understand the basics of great presentations, how you convey your key message and how to fit it your target audience. Analysing yourself on video, receiving individual feedback helps you evaluate your own perception. Take the chance to reach your goals with great presentations!

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for your presentation skills.

Florian, Who?

The lecturer was really on fire, and did present the way he told us to. I could not resist listening. Very good!
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