Create Awareness

It's a blind spot for many technology-focused companies: Marketing concentrates on the product and its features. Creating interest and making sure that the customer has all the information he needs. What’s wrong with that?

Unleash the Potential

But to drive growth, word of mouth and to unlock the hidden potential the approach needs to change: Put the customer on center stage, NOT the product. Leave the technical jargon behind and engage in communicating the value for the customer and the problem you’re going to solve for him. Answer questions like: “Why should I trust you? What’s in it for me? What problem does it solve?” By uncovering the core of your value proposition I can help you to address the right customer segments / personas.

(Our own) Perception

Engaging in customers focus should succeed a deeper analysis of in- and outside perception: How are we perceived by our customers and partners? Is this the way we want to be seen? What about the competition? Is there something to learn from? Could we go our own way or should we try something new ...?

It’s Time for the Reality-Check

My experience has shown, that such important, but less urgent questions aren’t often considered in day-to-day business. And yet continuously undertaking a reality check would help spot changes within the market, in customer behaviour and even in the company itself. A trained view from the outside can help: without the sugar coat, directly, but honest.

Human to Human

Being able to virtually connect to customers and partners in an instant has increased our efficiency quite dramatically: via e-mail, chat or online-meeting.Ironically, the more easily we communicate digitally, the more significant personal, face-to-face contact has become. We should see the time and attention we get at fairs, presentations or in workshops as a gift.

Be Grateful

Showing Gratitude means to provide the audience with more than just information: Variety, motivation or even things to discuss about. Exciting talks, fresh presentation ideas and enriching workshops are my tools to help companies being remembered. No matter if your event is a roadshow, your product launch event or an international training day.



at nationwide Channel Roadshow of leading manufacturer of semiconductors

Product Roadshow in GER, AT, CH

Supporting europe-wide product roadshow of a leading technology company in the IT sector. Combined with round-table discussions with partners and customers.


with your product, by your event

Florian, Who?

“Great presentation! I felt totally understood. Thanks again for taking the time afterwards.”
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