• for our IT to be future-proof?
    What Do We Really Need
  • How Can the Digital Age
    help us?
  • What Datamanagement Trends
    are important for us?
  • How Do We Bridge Our IT
    on-premise with the cloud?
  • is the right one - for us?
    What Storage-Technology
  • Which Technology Helps Us
    to cut costs?

Something Ringing a Bell?

Then you're in the right place. Supporting my clients to find answers in the field of IT-Strategy and data management. What you can rely on: A conversation on the same level, no matter what phase your project is in.

Mr. Hettenbach did an amazing job in consulting us throughout the project phase. With his help our company is now set for a successful future.


The Decision That Is Right For You. And Feeling Good About It.

Florian, Who?

“Extraordinary in-depth knowledge in the field of modern IT-Technology combined with outstanding and entertaining performance while still making it easy to understand. That is Florian Hettenbach”
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