Worlds Merge

In this time of constant changing markets, companies and business models information technology has become the essential counterpart in every business. My project experience tells me that companies need to speak two languages: The one for technology and the one for business.

The Pressure Rises

Besides the continual shift in the industry, the ongoing digitization and overwhelming promises of the vendors, a company needs to make its own way. This means developing an IT-Strategy that is tailored to its needs not to the ones of a specific vendor.

Many Possibilities

Parts of such a strategy development can be various: having a close look at the current IT trends, inspecting the current situation or check on the possibilities that cloud solution really could offer.

Many Challenges

Especially challenging in the conception phase: Remaining objective, vendor-neutral and open for alternative approaches together with the technological base (i.e. closed vs. open source). After planning the IT aspects need to be brought in line with the business requirements. Jointly, with one voice..

Consolidation is on the Move

New technologies (i.e. Flash and Software-defined Storage) offer more flexibility without the vendor-LockIn. The world of storage remains complex, but with knowledge around the basics combined with an comprehensive market overview, you can dissolve cloudy buzzwords and differentiate features that bring value from those who don’t. Get support on your next decision, because one thing is clear: You will not have less data.

And ps: Who says that the vendors are allowed to have a sales tactic and you’re not?

Supported Projects

it-projekt stromversorger

IT Redirection Plus Increasing Availability

at mid-sized energy company:

  • Checking current state of the IT environment and planning future-proof concept incl. risk analysis
  • Evaluation of the existing virtualization environment to meet cost-efficiency aspects
  • Evaluation of integration cloud solutions to link outbound sales force and to consolidate management
  • Planning backup solution that combines all three fire zones within the company space

IT Redirection of Storage Strategy

at university:

  • New concept needed to include available storage systems
  • Making use of know-how of current IT-staff
  • As little vendor-lockin or proprietary solutions as possible
  • Combination of old and new infrastructure to be expanded easily

Designing a Tier III Storage Solution

at hosting company:

  • Integration into home-grown monitoring system
  • Low €/GB-ratio but at the same time providing highly flexible IO-performance
  • Use mostly commodity hardware

Implementing Virtualization and Central Storage System

at print company:

  • Project had to be realised while company was moving into new building
  • 24x7 service required concept to involve nearly no downtime of the overall system
  • Old facility should be further used for disaster recovery


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